Private clinic


Telephone number: +36 70 211 5927
or e-mail:

Consultations and surgeries are performed in a modern, excellently equipped, easily accessible private clinic in an exclusive environment on Rózsadomb, in Budapest, in the heart of Buda. The clinic guarantees a safe, tranquil and exclusive background for the operations. Comfort and safety characterize the harmonious ambience that is indispensable for the healing of our patients. With our highly qualified, well-trained personnel, we provide a permanent, highly professional background for the clients who visit us.

How to get there?

Magyar plasztikai sebészeti központ
By car- Margit Bridge/ Budai hídfő/ Margit Street
BKK- by tram No 4/6 Margit Bridge/ Budai hídfő/
Margit Street 5 min.walk


Consultations on Saturdays
Only after registration on mobile phone or e-mail
Aquaticum Termál Spa 1st floor