Nose, ear and eyelid surgery


This is an operation performed under narcosis to correct congenital or acquired deformations of nasal bone and cartilage. In each case, we administer additional anaesthetization to aid blood-clotting during, and reduce pain after, the operation. We apply anodyne after the operation. The formal alterations of the bones and cartilage of the ridge, base, and tip of the nose are corrected with hidden incisions running inside the nostrils. The new shape is then fixed with special plaster splint on the outside, and with a tampon placed inside. After the operation, patients don’t complain of pain!

However some undereye bleeding and swelling may occur. The tampon is removed after a day, while the plaster splint is removed after a week. The visible external alterations disappear within ten days, but physiological recovery is not complete until after six weeks.

Otoplasty – Ear surgery

Like the procedures above, this is also an operation performed with anaesthetization to correct congenital and acquired deformations. The aim is to diminish the angle between the outer ear and the skull, to set a prominent ear back, and to model and permanently push back the upper part of the ear. Excess cartilage is removed by cutting on the surface of the back part of the ear, and thus the outer ear is formed and shaped. The operated area is then fixed with a wet cotton-wool press bandage which should be worn for a week.

Eyelid surgery

Many external and internal influences and aging can make the connective tissue lose much of its resilience. This causes a conspicuous amount of excess tissue on the upper eyelids, which tires the eyes, making it difficult to see and read, and even causing an overflow of tears. In addition, the outer sides of the eyebrows sag gradually. This area can be corrected with a complex operation performed with anaesthetization. With a hidden incision in the region of the temple where the scalp is covered with hair, we perform an eyelid lift, then, after removing the excess skin from the upper eyelid, we correct the muscles around the eyes, thus making the look in the patient’s eyes youthful.

Wrinkles and bags under the lower eyelids are another aesthetic problem. By cutting under the line of the eyelashes, the small bulging fat ruptures are removed with a preparation. Here too we correct the muscles, then we put the skin in position and tighten it. The sutures are removed in a week’s time, and then, after 10 to 14 days there won’t be any traces of the operation left.

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