Intim surgery

During puberty, the labia minora sometimes become too large or protuberant. This causes both physical and psychological discomfort. During labioplasty, the labia are painlessly corrected and reshaped, which restores the patient’s peace of mind and confidence.

The operation produces spectacular results, does not leave any scars, and is followed by a speedy recovery.

Immediately after the menses, the patient is put under deep narcosis and anaesthetization. During the operation, the labia are shaped in a fashion previously agreed upon.

Although this operation is carried out on a more sensitive body part than any other plastic surgery, most patients report minimal pain or discomfort. Its effects on relationships and feminine confidence are beyond question. It is important that the plastic surgeon should have a clear idea of what the patient wants during a detailed, thorough consultation, in order to use the perfect surgical methods and ensure long-term patient satisfaction.