Which procedures belong to this category?

Mastoplasty is the general term referring to diverse types of breast corrective surgeries, including breast lifts, breast enlargements and breast reductions. Mastoplasty has improved significantly in recent times, and provides many women today with the aesthetical-medical solution for unwanted changes in breast size or form.

Comprehensive breast surgery with postoperative care

In case of every breast operation we provide conditions necessary for a complete recovery, such as putting in the drain tube, putting on the modelling bandage, making several rows of sutures, providing special bras, protecting the healing area, icing, vitamins, etc.

Mastoplasty - Associated With

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Breast Lift (+ breast enlargement)

Sagging, flat breasts can be rectified through this surgical procedure. During a breast lift, the bulk of the breast is modelled into a cone shape onto a narrower base. The skin is fitted and fixed on this new shape.

Breast lift using short-scar technique

During a vertical mastopexia with short scar technique, only one vertical incision and a periareolar (around the nipple) incision are used. If there is sufficient indication, a breast augmentation can be performed at the same time – the operation will leave even less scarring in this way.

Who is a breast lift ideal for?

Drooping, shapeless breasts affect the patient’s mood and mental wellbeing, and consequently, her behaviour very seriously. Drooping, “unsightly” breasts wreak havoc on women’s confidence and self-esteem, which will affect their relationships and other areas, activities of their lives (let’s think of afternoons on the beach, for an obvious example). A breast lift will give their breasts a new, aesthetically pleasing shape, thus restoring the patients’ confidence and improving their quality of life.

Breast reduction

Excessive growth of gland tissue, following puberty, childbirth, or weight gain, causes back pain and spinal complaints (as well as difficulties wearing a bra or shopping for one).

During a breast reduction, principles involved in a breast lift are followed. Excess tissue is removed from the breast using special methods. Breast reductions are carried out after careful preparation and planning, using a delicate, tissue-protective method. Due to such professional care before and after surgery, the danger of complications in the postoperative healing process can be minimized.

Who are ideal candidates for breast reduction?

Although most women seek a breast enlargement or a breast lift, there are numerous patients with the opposite needs, having overly voluminous breasts which interfere with everyday activities. Oversized breasts – merely by virtue of their weight – make moving difficult, and can even cause more serious musculoskeletal complaint. As a result of the constant pressure exerted upon the cervical vertebrae, large breasts can cause lower back pain or scoliosis. For women suffering from these complaints breast reduction can offer a solution.