+Preoperative period:

  1. Plastic surgical consultation, planning, examination (2nd consultation if needed)
  2. Lab tests: CRP, blood count, hemostasis-INR, sedimentation, ions, liver and kidney functions, urine test (only a week before surgery)
  3. Ecg
  4. Breast ultrasound - (valid for a year)
  5. Anestesiological examination and consultation on the day of the surgery

No surgery during period, or in case of any inflammation, skin problem, flu or herpes

No Aspyrin!

Body weight control!

Vitamin C 2x1000mg and Vitamin E 2x100mg daily.

Drink 2-3 liters of liquid/water a day before the operation, and 3-4dl in the morning of the surgery. Coffee, tee or any food is strictly forbidden!

Arrival to the Clinic

/MPSK Magyar Plasztikai Sebészeti Központ, Budapest 2.ker Margit utca 25./ on the discussed appointment.

Preop.shower, preparations like medication, infusion, planning, discussion.

The estimated time of the procedure is 80-90 min.

Postop. period:

Minimal pain, swelling, edema, painkillers, anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxant and local cooling with dry ice.

Overnight at the clinic under a supervised controll.

Removal of the drainage after approx. 24 hours.

Special modelling bandage and a bra.

Normal everyday activity, no heavy physical activity for 2 weeks.

Do not drive for 3-5 days!

Drink 2-3 liters of liquid/water a day!

Antibiotics for 5 days. (probiotics are suggested)

Removal of the special modelling bandage and the bra after 6-7 days. Daily shower for 3weeks.

Special bra for 3weeks, then 3-5 weeks sport bra.

Heavy physical activity/sport after 6weeks.

Sauna, heat water, solarium after 6-8 weeks.

Removal of the stitches after 2-3 weeks, anti-scarring gel for 3-6 months.

No UV on the scar for 6months.

Daily massage for 1.5-2 years.

Controll in case of emergency, or regularly after 1/3/6 weeks and 3/6/12 months

No changes in the breast feeding capability, but pregnancy only after 12 months after the procedure!

Risks and complications

  1. bleeding, hematoma
  2. inflammation, seroma, infection
  3. wound healing problems
  4. unhappy scaring -keloid!
  5. change in the sensation of the breast skin
  6. asymmetry
  7. blood cut,thrombosis, emboli
  8. deformity- bottoming out, palpable-, visible implant, wrinkling
  9. hanging breast, ptosis
  10. rupture
  11. capsular contracture



life-time warranty for 10. and 11.