Many of the patients who undergo a plastic surgical operation get in touch with public health for the first time. They have rightful questions and doubts about the anaesthetization.
We inform our patients and give them directions during a patient consultation touching upon every detail.   
After a thorough examination preceding the operation and fixing the time we perform the operation at a time and on conditions which are  most ideal for the patient.  Anaesthetist’s medical consultation and results of an internal examination make us decide whether narcotization is possible or not.
After a preparation for operation as, in accordance with the rules of medical treatment, follows the intubation, a safest way of anaesthetization if necessary with use of antibiotic or thrombosis profilaxis.
After the surgical intervention and narcotization the patient wakes up easily and without complaint, without any unpleasant symptoms, complaints and memories.
After all this follows a very cautious control carried out by qualified specialists.